Born on early 90s but never felt that I could relate, all of my life I was searching for old stuff, reading history and watching documentaries about old things! Listening to older jams and checking out old fashion clothes online!


My life turns around every vintage thing. The cars I love is more than 40 years old. I am fascinated about 70s fashion and my music taste is more like Sinatra and Scorpions, kids around the block could not relate!


Life is all about having fun. You could rarely find me around my PC editing my photos, I rather go outside and shoot a big bear and have to run as fast as I can!


I see myself in 5 years, shooting more videos professionally and establishing a business centered on automotive photography. I want to have a share in my automotive culture in my country. And I also willing to teach photography to new learners as I did once to a couple of friends and loved the experience.


I got to know so many people in these past years of photography and it is all it’s about, making relationships, learning from them and experiencing new things. Camera is a great tool, it allows you to look at everything, shoot people or connect to them.